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jessica moritz

black circle vector
black circle vector
black circle vector

Inside Out, video

Collaboration with Diana Schuemann

Released January 2020

black circle vector
inside out  video art made in israel, haifa, dance collaboration with Diana Schuemann about architecture and limitations in Israel
dear white cube, art installation hard edge painting with full spectrum colors using optical illusion with geometry halation
black circle vector

Dear white Cube

installation based on fibonacci sequence and color theory 

The square collection

serie of paintings based on limited colors and gesture. building new color theory.

black circle vector
the square collection, serie of hard edge paintings based on color theory and generative art made by Jessica Moritz israeli contemporary artist
hard edge paintings by Jessica Moritz showing at tiny tiny gallery, Tel aviv
black circle vector

Tiny Tiny gallery, Tel Aviv

the square collection, 46 paintings based on limited colors interactions and generative art.

February 2020

Make Love Great Again

street art project at Tahanat Mercazit, Tel Aviv February 2020

black circle vector
wheatpaste, public art at tahanat mercazit, tel aviv, layers of colors, patterns and people
public art and street art inspired by lockdown and essential workers in Israel
black circle vector

Staying Alive

Public Art during covid.

Street art Project to bring some hope where needed. Tel Aviv, 2020

Random Pattern Memory,

Assemblage work around gestures, patterns, and colors

black circle vector
abstract geometric collage inspired by post graffiti stencil art by Jessica Moritz
surrealism ink drawing called anatomy of an artist exploring the inside relfection of being an artist and insights of metaphores about being an artist
black circle vector shape

Anatomy of an Artist,

ink drawing, body of work about Artist introspection and failures

Colors and painting

color theories, halation, geometric art, hard edge paintings, made in and out of lockdown.

black circle vector shape
sunset palindrome, color theory, halation, abstract geometric, israeli artists, colorful home decor, art on paper, affordable art israel, sunset corona
circle art inspired by sacred geometric and symbolic art made by Jessica Moritz in her art studio in Kiryat hamelacha, tel Aviv, Israel
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Digital Art

color theory and digital art now available on prints and textiles

black circle vector shape
black circle vector shape

Collect!! Available works

collect original artworks, make your home colorful !

hyper cube digital art inspired by sacred geometry and hard edge art prints for sale made by Jessica Moritz israeli artist, tel aviv
black circle vector shape
black circle vector shape


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