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Start collecting Art, original artwork , limited edition or Prints.
All works published on this page are available, you can ask for pricing or Portfolio and you can also contact me if you have questions or would like to visit the studio.

commissions are welcome

Have a Colorful day!

Half Spectrum,
Shaped canvas,
120 X120 X 6 (cm)

hope tessellation by Jessica Moritz, tessellation art, geometric sculpture, colorfield art, israeli art for sale, hard edge art, hard edge sculpture, op art, optical art for sale,israeli art for sale,shaped canvas
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prism cube by jessica Moritz, colorfield artist, geometric sculpture, hard edge art, triangle tessellation, painting gradients, optical illusion art, collect israeli artist,geometric art for sale,gradient art, israeli painting
lumen by Jessica Moritz, chromostereopsis, carmen herrera, frank stella art, ellsworth kelly painting, hard edge painting, square painting, geometric painting for sale
what goes around comes around, jessica moritz, colorfield artist, geometric abstraction,2022, art basel 2022, op art, hard edge artist
post graffiti art by jessica moritz, hard edge sculpture, color block sculpture, frank stella sculpture, color theory artist, collage sculpture, tel aviv artist, 3D painting for sale,hard edge art
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