Welcome to my virtual Art Gallery!

Due to covid-19, Inspiration and working has been a real challenge.

Currently in Lockdown, with limited space, materials, i fit into my idea of reductive and colorful art.

start collecting paintings, lino prints, giclée prints, and wall sculptures.

Let's make home great again.

Wishing you and all your loved ones are safe.

commissions are welcome


Have a Colorful day!

primary colors spectrum torus inspired by sacred geometry and time influence during second lockdown in Israel
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gradient hard edge wall sculpture based on color theory halation and light observation during lockdown in israel by Jessica Moritz, israeli contemporary artist located in Kiryat Hamelacha.
rainbow torus inspired by light and sacred geometry by Jessica Moritz, hard edge artist, Tel Aviv
light and space wall sculpture after color theory and light observation made during second lockdown in Tel Aviv by Jessica Moritz. Israeli art for sale
black circle vector shape
black circle vector shape
black circle vector shape

These works are currently available for sale.

new artworks, lino prints, wall sculpture and art made during lockdown will be added every week.

Inquiries or commission artwork

please reach out by mail.


Welcome to my shop!

Each week i release new design, matte or glossy paper, giclee prints, printed on demand.

Some design are also available in apparel or eco tote bags. (sustainable art and fashion)

all design are created according to RGB, colors and light study. 

visit my Society6 Collection


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