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Live Spectrum

live spectrum, art installation by Jessica Moritz, Israeli artist, colorfield art and geometric abstraction

Live Spectrum
Installation base on color spectrum (Newton)
Acrylic on MDF and polyurethane foam

This installation is composed of "statue" of different characters created from photographic archives.
I composed palettes for each character that are based on Newton's spectrum study.
Each character interacts differently with each light and especially with each spectator.
the character disappears as a digital error (glitch) to leave room for color without figuration.

Today we are seeing changes in the art scene.
The public is the main subject.
In order to develop this theory of the public and the interactions of colors, I realized this installation in order to propose a path of celebration to the spectator.
As if Art was waiting for you.
In addition, I worked with different color theories and an interaction with RGB lights.
The spectrum is always something that defines what we see or not. we have our own perception of colors and space.

I wanted to integrate audience as a viewer, actor and recipient of the installation.

Also according to Newton's work, i wanted to think about gravity in painting.
Be conscious of the space, the pictural one, the exhibition one, and the viewer's.
As if gravity has a role in each piece.
Characters of this installation is from archives pictures from the beatles, or elvis concert, in euphoria, hysteria state.
i wanted to use women representation in the most extreme and intangible way, make them as a women representation in a gallery, one more woman to stand, for me, for us.
Each sculpture is like a reverse tomb stone, celebrating life in the white cube, welcoming visitors and bringing new perspective to colors and life insights.

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