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oscillating between painting and sculpture.

observation of light, mediums and translating new perspectives linked to chaos.

Going back to a larger scale, gestural and minimal.

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In search of new shapes, expanding the tight vision of a square pushed me to new perspectives of what I thought was Painting.

Of course, the building part weighs a lot, but it brings questions and a new approach that sculpture implies, and not painting.


The idea of unnecessary background or one dimension layer is gone.

As if paintings were emerging from walls, some unexpected mushrooms, proteiform apparitions between chaos.

The balance between painting and sculpture becomes a blur zone where the eyes follow the movement of colors, wandering what started first and how to read it.

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Half spectrum, geometric escape, shaped canvas

reclaimed wood, wood, MDF

pigments and acrylic on canvas

120 X 120 X5 (cm)

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lightscape, geometric abstract light exploration
shaped canvas 

reclaimed wood, wood, MDF

pigments and acrylic on canvas

diameter 111, edge 5 (cm)

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Lightscape is part of a new serie of painting, shaped canvas.

As I often say, you need to accept the darkness if you want to see the light. 

About the rayleigh phenomenon, it was established that Blue is the shortest wave in the visible spectrum accessible to human perception and therefore the scattering would reflect and create the blues we know in the sky. 

Let's say there is a dot, another, and another that you reunite with and create the line that drives you to the circle. 
I really enjoy details and prefer to see space as a reunion of circumstances and light selection, as if a lighthouse was always around.
About symbolism and vision through that paintings, I layered different concepts and directions to get these paintings as a new direction in my work.
I started by compiling physics and physical aspects: the eye vision, the way we perceive its shape of it. from the shape of an eye to the conic perception of what we see. Especially nowadays, where we seek attention, familiar faces, image, and presence.
The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, and the base of humanity.
A shape with no end, and no beginning, just unity.

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Dimension, geometry of light


dimensionnal art, op art for sale, hard edge painting for sale,israeli art for sale, tel aviv artist, israeli artist,light and space art, geometric painting, optical illusion art, color inspiration art 2022, art trend autumn 2022,jessica moritz.JPG

Dimension was first an idea that i developed in drawings and on paper with color pencils.
sometimes you need to reduce the medium to see if the project is worth painting.

in dark days, you need to find an escape, or more a mindscape where you can hold on and find harmony.
All this serie is minimal in the concept to let colors stand for light and space.

wether you look closer, you will see the gradients going from light to darkness and if you look from afar you will see the different shapes involved questioning the space you live in.

It's necessary to have reminder to always question where we stand, what we see and how we see it.
Nothing is never still or real. the perspective we have on present, future are biased and non objective. each and everyone of us need some kind of light to keep on.
An incandescent light, to mind the light, mind the future and hold on.


sculptural painting

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Blob is a serie of works exploring the relation of data and Art. 

The new era we live in has encouraged us to be more involved in virtual relations, content, and creating our own data, meaning creating our own narrative. 

Nevertheless, Blob happens. 

what is a blob? well, to make it short A blob is is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects, though sometimes binary executable code is stored as a blob. They can exist as persistent values inside some databases or version control system, or exist at runtime as program variables in some programming languages. It is not to be confused with a binary file stored in a file system.

how fascinating it is to look into data as an abstract representation of us or a singular person? 

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As you may have noticed in my last cycle of painting, i went deep into letters, from minimalism to maximalism.
I work most of the time on a Grid, playing with latin and hebrew alphabet to combine and create unique expression that can be interpreted has a translation.
Language, for many reasons have been inspiring me and encouraging to decompose and create new abstract or less representation in my work.
the world we live in today has encouraged us to be more talkative and share anything/everything in different media and hope to reach someone.
I cannot really relate to that since i blur the lines or mix the words, I prefer to think that everyone can have their own interpretation and translation.

Letters, minimal geometric


letters, symbols, signs have a very strong influence in my painting.
Little by Little i came to reduce the unnecessary "noise" around the expression of it.

Creating forms from combining the glyphs and unite them in one.
some will see a labyrinth, some will recognize Truchet, some will think of some letters than others. it's always in the viewer that a piece of Art takes its full dimension, isn't it?

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Letters minimal geometric,


156 X138

pigments, acrylic painting on canvas

wall sculpture, relief

plaster, pigments and acrylic on reclaimed wood

40,5 X 53 X 3,8


Truchet painting , hard edge painting, jessica moritz, generative painting, daedalus art, geometric abstract, colorfield art, frank stella painting, jessica moritz art



always interesting to study mythology, history, and mathematics and realize that we are always here to learn a lesson.

I started by Bauhaus drawings and teaching, on the way got lost with Truchet tiles and history, but of coursealso reading about Daedalus achivements and symbolic. 

Daedalus 2


Usually in Labyrinth, you have at least one way in and on way out. The i relaized that all the attention would be focus on these. Therefore, i twisted the idea a little, and composed with Truchet Tiles a new idea.

The journey is the key, not how you started or how you finished. 

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Around the square
90 X90 X 4
pigments and acrylic on canvas

Movement and restrictions have been two elements important in my practice. 

As previously, i came back to the concept of choreography in limited space. 

a reflection of shuffling and always coming back to the same point.

Tessellation Dialogue

wall sculpture

most of the time, I trace a grid and compose, add layers, and understand where the rhythm should be. 

i wanted to use simple icon language and abstract hem to the point it would create a new eye gymnastic.

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sky escape, geometric utopia

wall sculpture

On my journey to escape the current chaos, I always look up. The various mysteries related to sky, space, light and how we see it and what we do with this knowledge.
Mission to Mars, or moon explorer still resonate and are an infinite source of inspiration.
The paradox of the global situation is ironic and makes it even more fascinating.
We are all, more or less, on limited movement and travelling. Creating some utopian landscape generated by these observations makes my journey easier.

sky escape, geometric utopia, golden hour 

wall sculpture

The escape is determined by the viewer.
Observing the Hubble and seeing the Nebula, the stars and the moons is a relief.
Isn’t is amazing to have this vision and see the light from here.
We need darkness to see the light. I translated this concept into a shape, a new mindscape to add to the collection. 
Mind the light.

i did a serie of this shape reuniting different light studies, and observations, proposing a spectrum of moments and escape. 

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Velvet lines
Geometric escape

wall sculpture

in my process, i always combine colors, shapes and illusion.
Sometimes I investigate on the typography and symbolism.
In this work, i combined few symbols and letters, collected in the last cycle, as a new language to add to my painting vocabulary. 
it starts with writing and sketching, and slowly blurring the lines and evidences of clear lecture of the situation.


many skies ago,

geometric dystopia


After two years of shuffling inside and out, physically and mentally, this shape became my symbol.
As if every time I was looking up and wondering for some enlightenment to explain the situation. 
the many restrictions that surround us during this era allowed me to think of colors as a mindscape, a little 
parenthesis, a dystopian universe that makes me feel home and grounded no matter what is happening around me.

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