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make love great again

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As in 2018 i painted a lot of portraits, and also realized a gap between relations, and people some sort of sabotage.
I wanted to do a project involving all this. I thought let's create it as a campaign, a fake ad. Make people realize that after all, we have this, we have love, we can chose to share with people; as much as some people chose to hate and share the worst of them.
So i started by collecting couples pictures, from 50's until nowadays.
I built a new palette, organized my patterns. and i decided to do it as paintings and not prints. I thought that even if in less than 24 hrs it can be destroyed or stolen, i cannot lower the quality of the work or intentions behind.
wheatpaste  Acrylic painting on paper, 2018-2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

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make love great again,jessica moritz, installation art, mural painting,  israel street art, israeli art, pop up museum tlv,ציור,אמנות למכירה,ציורים, colorfield portrait art, israeli pubic art, israeli art

Make Love great Again

Mural installation, POP UP museum TLV 2019

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wheatpaste israel, surface pattern people, MLGA, public art, tlv street art, couples goals tlv
tel aviv public art, make love great again, pattern people, couples portraits, inception art, street art tlv, kiryat hamelacha
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street art israel, make love great again, poster, painting,גרפיטי,אומנות רחוב,ציור,ציורים,אמנות למכירה,political art
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Make Love Great Again
wheatpaste, first draft, acrylic on paper,
Kiryat hamelacha, Tel Aviv 2018

Make Love Great Again
wheat paste, acrylic on paper,
Tahana Mercazit, Tel Aviv 2020
pictures by Judith Yanos

make love great again, tahanat mercazit, tel aviv bus station, Street art tlv, queer art tlv, color pattern people, saatchi artist
mlga, tahanat mercazit art, tel aviv bus station, public art israel, colorful couples, art saves us, urban art israel
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