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 Art in Public spaces

Working in Public space, interacting with urban landscape is always challenging.

Every intervention created new perspectives in terms of technical application, viewer interactions, and possibilities.

Doing Street Art in Tel Aviv, Paris or New york demands a lot of anticipation, observation, and fast moves.


Even if all of this public art Intervention can disappear in the following hours or next year, you have to take into consideration the message and your audience at first, always.

Staying Alive

impossible geometry, public art covid, public art israel, hard edge art, geometric abtraction, color theory, support your local art, tel aviv artist, img

Some Public Art in Tel Aviv Urban landscape during the pandemic to lift up the community's mindset

The Kids ND

the kids next door, public art tel aviv, kiryat hamelacha, wheatpaste installation, art ephemere, israeli art, img

The Kids next door, wheatpaste project in south Tel Aviv,Kiryat Hamelacha


make love great again, fake art campaign, surface pattern artist, tel aviv public art, israel street art, israeli artist, MLGA

Make Love Great Again, wheatpaste in Tel Aviv, Paris and New york. Fake campaign about Love


art and language,img, tlv street art, sign language art, lost in translation, visual poetry, wheatpaste art, street art tlv

Rega//רגע a small urban intervention dealing with with Hebrew and Israeli culture, Tel Aviv

woman as pattern

woman as pattern, wap, wheatpaste tlv, tlv street art, guerilla girls israel, img,paste up israel

wheatpaste project in Tel Aviv, and Paris.
increase the number of women in the art world

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