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corner stroke

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Corners can happen without closing the space. 

In this one, i wanted to try new wall extensions. They’re built to extend the architecture of what we see.

I was thinking that the vertical and linear view could be improved.

Of course, I would have to also think about colors, shapes, pattern, organic vs geometric, and colorimetry.

Corners are not a limit, they are steps to another vision of color meeting the viewer.

Every time you come out from the wall, the view has less space and needs to interact differently with the piece.

Interaction is a topic that lately made me want to do more sculptures than painting. I think I’ll pursue this idea in the next works.

the circles and the colors needed to extend to the space.

i believe that wall is not just a support or a vertical relation to sculpture. 

it needs to be all over, and engaged with the wall.

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Corner stroke, 

commission mural

wall sculpture, MDF, acrylic and pigments,

2018 Tel Aviv

interactive installation, experience art, colorfield art, colorfield painting, stripes, wall sculpture
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Corner stroke, 

commission mural, led installation, RGB interactive 

wall sculpture, MDF, acrylic and pigments,

2018 Tel Aviv

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