installation art

Most of my works combine Color theory and interactivity.

I often include the viewer in the concept of each work.

Colors interactions are made in the studio and give life to installation artwork for exhibitions, events, and private collection.

More than that, Art must be seen in a place where you can move around and consider it as a Third or fourth body.

In each installation, I layer my ideas to verify a theory, about colors, interactions, or human behavior.


alba, colorful sculpture using dawn colors spectrum and contrast with daylight contrast

Alba, moebius, working on RGB gradient interactions with impossible geometry and rotation.

Dear white cube

Using fibonnaci sequence as pattern of composition and creating color spectrum for each sculpture on primary and secondary colors. 

Live spectrum

twisting social code of live status and color spectrum to show the good side of life.


Color studies around Raymond Penrose impossible triangle in 3D using a new color theory and RG lights

Space between

Language and typography influence my work. After living in 3 different countries, learning new languages, and adapting to new cultures I had to take a pause (comma)

Pattern as Figure

After the work of Josef Albers, applying rules of halation around circles in 2D and 3D.

Cloud geometry

The climate crisis is a big concern in my work. After collecting metrics about CO2 and science facts, I was able to translate facts in abstract mural painting for a commission Artwork in Tel Aviv. 

Alone together

Observing human and animal behavior toward each other and thinkinf about interactions and relation with space and light. 

Corner Strokes

Architecture is fun. I thought about the isometric system and organic structures. I also wanted to combine a new color scheme that was with organic colors and halation and complementary colors.


Israeli culture is full of subculture and a mix of beliefs and superstitions.

playing with codes and colors