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Geometric painting

About Us

color study & process

These works are part of the process behind painting, sculptures, and installation before giving them their original shapes, dimensions and colors.
It always starts with a pencil and paper, and slowly introducing colors.
sketches, color studies, from minimalism to over saturated.

modele grille cercle.png

from lines to shapes

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Purple circles

I start by drawing a grid, lines, columns and then i add a circle grid, add intervals, and explore each result with the same color palette. 

color study around circles, watercolor, acrylic on paper, 325 g, 2022

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Letters & Labyrinth 

I start by drawing a grid, lines, columns and then i add a circle grid, add intervals, and explore each result with the same color palette. 

*Letters, minimal geometric

(painting on canvas) 156 X 138, 2022

Letters Labyrinth, geometric perspective

(bas relief) 53 X 41 X 4, 2022

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Daedalus Labyrinth

On the grid, sometimes i would change intervals, create more or less saturation by color choices or by composition.

pigmentd and acrylic on paper, 

50 X 70 

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balance and colors

when the color palette is minimal, you can really appreciate the shape for its simplicity and minimal approach.

But as soon as you reach 6 colors, no matter how minimal is the composition, you feel the saturation and lose sense of space and breathing within the initial drawing.

*various colors studies 2021-2023

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All these color studies, drawings are part of the process to create each piece.

You can see the development and conclusion on this page.

Some also became digital translation now also available in prints here.

If you have questions or inquiries, contact

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